Consumers Spread the Word About Products / Services Online

04 Nov Consumers Spread the Word About Products / Services Online

By: Abe Kasbo

4 In 10 Discuss Brands Online.

A recent study by Yahoo indicates that a sizable chunk of web users “also spread the word about the products they favor.” These people are being called “brand advocates.”

In a study surveying 2,261 consumers who had recently made major purchases the study concluded that 40% of respondents were also “brand advocates,” defined by the report as “adventurous opinion leaders who are socially well-connected, express their opinions and viewpoints and continually discover new content online.”

“Among other traits, so-called brand advocates were more likely to use social media than were the non-advocates,” the study said.

Eighty-seven percent reported using search engines several times a week, compared to 74% of the non-advocates. Likewise, 45% said they watched online video several times a week, compared to 19% of non-advocates, while 32% either wrote blog posts or message board entries, compared to just 8% of the non-advocates.

The study also revealed that “Brand advocates who had just taken out home loans were especially likely to discuss the transaction online, with 59% of that group saying they had written about their purchase, compared to 30% of the non-advocates. Fifty-six percent of consumer electronics purchasers who were also brand advocates wrote about their purchase online, compared to 27% of the non-advocates; among automobile purchasers, 52% of the brand advocates wrote about their buy, compared to 20% of the non-advocates; and for hotel travelers, 44% of advocates wrote about the hotel, compared to 15% of the non-advocates.”

I would expect brand adocates to increase in number and the power. Their numbers will surely increase as the penetration of the internet becomes even more ubiquitous. Surely, 3G mobile devices and networks will provide more opportunities for these brand champions to more quickly and easily spread the word.