Global Linguist Solutions

27 Jun Global Linguist Solutions

GLSIssue: Global Linguist Solutions (GLS) in Falls Church, Virgina is a provider of linguistic services to the United States Government.  GLS needed a marketing firm who understands both the Middle East and The Arab-American Community because of its focus on Arabic language speakers.

Idea: Verasoni’s creative team developed culturally appropriate visual and written messaging, identified media outlets in the United States and around the world to distribute GLS’ brand.  Verasoni Worldwide carefully crafted language in English and Arabic to ensure that GLS made appropriate cultural connections which were the first and important steps to helping GLS achieve its goals.  Stories were placed on air and in print in various cities around the US including New York and Detroit.

Impact: GLS saw a significant increase in the target market interest in its services and brand. Verasoni achieved over 2 million impressions within three months.