Driving Audience Relevancy

24 Apr Driving Audience Relevancy

The question is always about relevancy, or it should be. But what does it mean these days? With the fragmentation of audiences across channels asking the right questions in this space is more relevant than having the right answers, because let’s face it, in this business no one has the right answer.

Today, audiences are as dispersed by device as they are by content. Gone are the days of audience aggregation on websites, let alone radio, print, and television. Google is supposed to be good at delivering audiences, so is “American Idol,” “Charlie Rose” “TED,” “The World Economic Forum, to various business conventions.

Marketers like audience consistency and valuable audiences in niche markets are even more valuable. But now, we have this thing called engagement and engagement, unlike the fools gold of marketing, clicks and eyeballs, is the real deal. Because if we can get relevancy and engagement, now we’ve got something.

There are cases where businesses can create the perfect storm or audiences, take Apple for example. Apple’s content is its hardware and software around which it has built a devoted, engagedĀ  audience. In the same manner, companies such as Hixson Media – shameless plug for our client but nonetheless valid – is the first paid publication in its space. Its audience pay because they find relevant content and community, it’s that simple. It’s not different than Apple or Louis Vuitton frankly.

Relevancy is the per-courser to engagement but when you find relevancy and you engage, you will find your evangelical audience.