Research Alert: Facebook

03 Apr Research Alert: Facebook

By: Abraham Kasbo
About 18 months ago, we issued a warning to our clients about Facebook becoming more of an ad platform than a social platform for business, a dangerous prospect for those who are building relationships and networks there. Soon our after our warning, Facebook changed its business pages policy and has been limiting business page views. The link below illustrates the issue perfectly for one such company.
For those businesses who have worked hard to cultivate and grow a relevant network, that is not a good thing. Simply stated, at this time only a fraction of your fans will see your posts and the majority won’t, unless you pay Facebook to promote your page.
Since our warning, we have been working with clients to revise social strategies ensure those clients who have built equity in their networks continue to derive value from them as part of a larger integrated marketing strategy.
Frankly, for those businesses seeking to build a social network on Facebook, there’s little value in continuing to invest in building relevant social networks on Facebook if Facebook will not allow business to communicate with the community that businesses have worked so hard to build and cultivate.
For now, we are not recommending Facebook as an organic social networking tool for corporate clients. We continue to publish to Facebook as part of integrated social campaigns which includes other networks which are more friendly to businesses, including Twitter, Pinterest and others. Since Facebook has girth and reach, it may serve well, depending on the business, as an advertising platform.

Here’s the story from the NYTimes Blog.