Social Driving Traditional Media

24 Apr Social Driving Traditional Media

Case Study: Twitter Surgery
Client: Raritan Bay Medical Center

Raritan Bay Medical Center wanted to position its newly established Human Motion Institute as a leader in orthopedic medicine.  Recognizing the emergence of Twitter as a media force – we didn’t say social media for a reason – we developed a campaign to attract traditional media by leveraging Twitter.  Since its founding, Twitter has become an indispensable tool for some industries, including helping start civil society revolutions around the world.  And as an irresistible platform for personal media, traditional media also recognized Twitter to reach people. By showcasing a surgery over Twitter and involving the community – a high school senior tweeted the surgery by interviewing the physician in the OR – Raritan Bay Medical Center engaged three of its most important customers: physicians, patients and the media.  Television, newspapers, and blogs pick up the story, but just as important, the hospital was able to drive the message an innovative and engaging manner.

Today, we know that major media outlets like CNN, ESPN, and other ask their audiences to follow them on Twitter. We wonder whether advertisers are happy with that since they are paying good money for their advertising spots. Though, we know for sure that that traditional media stalwarts, along with celebrities, brands have a major following. What remains unclear, outside of those who pay for followers and visits, and believe us, people engage in that type of behavior is the extent to how smaller businesses use traditional media to drive social. Of course, we have at least one very successful case that we know of above.