Marketing’s Perilous Echo Chambers

16 May Marketing’s Perilous Echo Chambers

Every industry has its own echo chamber. Echo chambers in business are – in the immortal words of my former Political Science professor Dr. Bob Manley – “as useful as a warm bucket of spit.”  Kinda harsh I know. But the reality is when in comes to marketing communications, there’s nothing less productive than dealing echo chamber gossip where people are comfortable with their own thoughts and personal beliefs.  In marketing these dangerous pockets are fragmented, each with its own demented vertical. So, there’s the social media rah rah. The SEO boom bah. The content marketing sis tah, and the now the marketing automation zim za. The media buying ding ding, and the advertising ring ring.

Echo chambers are boorish places where people get to hear what they want, and imagine themselves right, and naturally all to feel better about themselves.  Step outside of that chamber and it’s cold and scary. Industry hype is the hot air that fills these places rather than the discomfort of challenging our assumptions and comfort zone. Sound business advice becomes about personal beliefs and business grey areas are banished so far back in the deepest recesses of the brain that they cannot find their way back .  And execution, well, let’s leave that for the next guy because we need results today and bigger results tomorrow.  Get me more licks, video views, more drips to my drip marketing, audiences, etc. More, more, more.

The most dangerous place in business right now is at the intersection of personal beliefs and an echo chamber. It leaves us learning less and more importantly achieving less.  There’s nothing more productive than not having the right answer, but asking the right questions. Nothing.

Go ahead, ask away. It may not be easy, but it’s quite liberating and quite productive.