Social Snapshots: Dental Supply Market

30 May Social Snapshots: Dental Supply Market

Social SnapShot is our quick take on what and how companies are leveraging social media. Each month we will look at a different industry and specialty market to see who’s doing what and how.  While it’s certainly baroque to say social media continues to evolve, the fact of the matter social media represents yet another powerful channel for businesses to reach their market, spread the word and grow a brand. Of course that last statement is littered with pitfalls, but we digress.


We’re pleased to kick off our first post with a look at Dental Suppliers. Dentistry in the United States is a $70 Billion business, and dental suppliers play a major roll making sure dentists have the supplies, technologies and the services they need to deliver quality dental care.

We open our inaugural Social Snapshot with a look at 60 days of tweeting among four major dental supply companies: Henry Schein Dental, Patterson Dental, Benco Dental and Bukhart Dental. More importantly than the number of followers in our view, is the quality of the social network, in this case on Twitter, as well the type and quality of interaction.

Many companies across industries have transformed Twitter from a social property as we know it to a customer service platform. Many industries including the Airlines, Retail, Automotive have taken the lead. And, while we look at the social platforms through a marketing and PR lens, we believe that both B2B and B2C enterprises will will naturally move well beyond social media, and as a result we must look at the digital ecosystem as it relates to business development and develop integrated strategies to take advantage of reasonable market opportunities.

We will let the numbers in the infographic speak for themselves.