Facebook Marketing: Brands’ Organic Reach Suffer Under New Policies

21 Nov Facebook Marketing: Brands’ Organic Reach Suffer Under New Policies

By Abe Kasbo
Facebook marketing, the subject continues to sizzle! Three years ago, after my talk at the #140 Conference in Montreal, Canada some of the speakers gathered backstage to discuss the social enterprise. I proposed to the group that Facebook is really an advertising platform in disguise as a social network. In a move to that end, a year ago, we saw Facebook limit views by businesses on their pages in an effort to get them to pay to display content. We call that advertising.  This week, Facebook announced another policy that will allow users to easily unfollow brands.

Here’s the $64,000 business question for Facebook and businesses. Why should businesses pay to promote their page on Facebook, invest in building a following, invest in content, then be penalized by Facebook for growing their network and brand equity by reducing reach?

 Our Take

Bottom line & Payoff: Recognize Facebook is an advertising platform and drive ads to your website and not to your Facebook page. Time spent on developing and curating content on Facebook will prove to be inefficient and unproductive for organic growth. As an advertising platform,

Social media shops and “gurus,” particularly those who “specialize” in Facebook marketing and others who have a dog in the fight and will disagree…hubris and hype will continue to drive failed marketing business models. The fact of the matter is Facebook is yet another channel and makes compelling advertising play. But is up to the business to produce engaging advertising or campaigns to drive to their sites, again, not Facebook pages.

More to come…