Dental Societies & Twitter: A Snapshot

13 Aug Dental Societies & Twitter: A Snapshot

Slide1However reductive, social media’s imprint on business is undeniable. From reputation management to social commerce, ubiquitous platforms such Instagram and Twitter are a flutter with activity,but as with oral surgery, activity and productivity are not the same. Since the essence of social media platforms is community, societies and professional associations are a natural draw to these ecosystems. Societies and professional organizations are enterprises who have to serve constituents, and like any business, growth of their business is critical, and communicating and connecting with their members is crucial to that growth.

The American Dental Association (ADA), The Chicago Dental Society and The California Dental Association, are leading societies serving the dental professionals and the public at large. So how do some of the best-known professional societies in dental fare and use on social media to help their business agenda?  In this post we examine the Twitter accounts of these organization over a period of 30 days Between June 22 and July 22, how many followers they have and to “whom” they direct their content.

During the period of the study, The California Dental Association (@CDA_Dentist) has 12,300 follower and tweet content aimed at its core membership at a rate of 4 to 1 relative to the general audience or patients.  It appears the CDA makes it a priority to engage its core audience, the dentist. The American Dental Association‘s 33,000 followers addresses it’s core audience, dentists, versus general audience or patients at a rate 2 to 1.  The Chicago Dental Society (@Chicago_Dental) boasts 10,000 followers, and evenly splits its tweets evenly between dentists and patients or the general public.

“Social media platforms like Twitter represent opportunities to aggregate audiences are specific areas of interest, and that is why they can be a powerful tool for professional societies, who have a responsibility to their membership and to some extent, the general public,” said Abe Kasbo CEO of Verasoni Worldwide. “In this case, Social media is giving both these organizations and the wider public access to each other, and that’s unprecedented. Which is precisely why social media strategies, not tactics, are strategic imperatives  for these organizations. Digital platforms can make a significant on their business, brand and reputation,” continued Mr. Kasbo.