Marketing & Public Relations Firm - Verasoni Worldwide

Approach & Ethics

Founded in 2005, Verasoni Worldwide is a fiercely independent public relations and marketing firm offering the highest level ofScreen Shot 2013-04-25 at 2.59.56 PM personal and creative strategic planning to clients in the United States and across the globe.

We have gained a well-earned reputation as a leader in integrated communications, on and offline, representing clients across multiple industries and platforms including Business to Business and Business to Consumer.  We distinguish ourselves because we understand the realities of the business and the changing media landscape, both the opportunities and the hype. We take a global, highly analytical and integrated approach to our work. We work with clients on campaigns and projects from traditional, branding, digital, advertising, media relations, reputation management and crisis  communications, brand management, and strategic alliance development.

We uphold ourselves to the highest possible ethical standards, because we believe it’s simply good business.

4 Promises To Our Clients:

1. In everything we do, we will act in the best interest of your business.
2. As your advocate, we will play smart, work hard and be fair.
3. We continuously research and execute to give your business every advantage in the marketplace.
4. As competitors, we will play pickup basketball or grab a game of ping pong anytime, anywhere.