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Marketing Principles for The Entrepreneurial CMO

By Abe Kasbo It’s high hubris and cliché to say CMOs and marketing leaders are under unprecedented pressures. Far better from the industry low in 2006 of 23 months, the average tenure of a CMO is 45 months according to a recent study cited by The Wall Street Journal, which is an improvement from Forbes’ 2012 study of 43 months.  However you look at it, the stark reality is that CMOs and marketing leaders have always been under pressure and always will. ... Read more

3 Marketing Ideas Hopsital CMOs Can Implement in 2015

3 Marketing Ideas Hospital CMOs Can Implement in 2015 By Abe Kasbo The old English expression goes "may you live in interesting times." Well, perhaps there’s never been more interesting times for hospital and healthcare marketers than right now. When thinking about how to efficiently and effectively advance his or her organizational business goals, the hospital CMO has more than enough to consider, including industry consolidation, downward budget pressures, the rise of urgent care centers, patient portals, accountable care organizations, media fragmentation and ... Read more

Facebook Marketing: Brands’ Organic Reach Suffer Under New Policies

By Abe Kasbo Facebook marketing, the subject continues to sizzle! Three years ago, after my talk at the #140 Conference in Montreal, Canada some of the speakers gathered backstage to discuss the social enterprise. I proposed to the group that Facebook is really an advertising platform in disguise as a social network. In a move to that end, a year ago, we saw Facebook limit views by businesses on their pages in an effort to get them to pay to display content. ... Read more

Healthcare IT: Curb Your Enthusiasm

By: Abe Kasbo The proliferation of digital technologies in healthcare is truly breathtaking. From apps to wearables to remote monitoring of patients, and digitizing the hospital and physician environments, healthcare IT continues to be the darling of investors and the media alike.  Apple, Facebook, Nike, and Mayo Clinic and others have been telling us about the amazing promise of digital health. It's mesmorizing enough to attract billions of dollars of investment.  Yet, while the technology may prove transformative, it doesn't seem to ... Read more

Fake Twitter Accounts Foil Major Sports Leagues

To say that professional sports leagues and athlete rely on Twitter to advance their brand is colossal understatement. Twitter is an essential tool in creating hype, raising awareness, selling jerseys and product for both League and athlete. And, it's not just the leagues, look at ESPN, nearly every reporter and guest displays his or her Twitter handle along with their name.  ESPN actually reads fan tweets and by-and-large, some professional teams have integrated Twitter into in-game-day experiences. The social experience for ... Read more

Top 10 Banks On Twitter

By: Abe Kasbo @akasbo Activity and productivity are not the same, and nowhere does that resound truer than social media. We're looking at best performing banks on Twitter, and here's what we found. Bank of America is the clear leader in the breadth and depth of its Twitter activity far outpacing its competitors who in themselves are well-recognized brands. For example at almost 672,000 followers, Bank of America has almost 561,000 followers more than its closest Twitter and market rival, Wells Fargo. The numbers ... Read more

Social Snapshots: Dental Supply Market

Social SnapShot is our quick take on what and how companies are leveraging social media. Each month we will look at a different industry and specialty market to see who's doing what and how.  While it's certainly baroque to say social media continues to evolve, the fact of the matter social media represents yet another powerful channel for businesses to reach their market, spread the word and grow a brand. Of course that last statement is littered with pitfalls, but we digress. We're ... Read more

Marketing’s Perilous Echo Chambers

Every industry has its own echo chamber. Echo chambers in business are - in the immortal words of my former Political Science professor Dr. Bob Manley - "as useful as a warm bucket of spit."  Kinda harsh I know. But the reality is when in comes to marketing communications, there's nothing less productive than dealing echo chamber gossip where people are comfortable with their own thoughts and personal beliefs.  In marketing these dangerous pockets are fragmented, each with its own demented ... Read more

Social Driving Traditional Media

Case Study: Twitter Surgery Client: Raritan Bay Medical Center Raritan Bay Medical Center wanted to position its newly established Human Motion Institute as a leader in orthopedic medicine.  Recognizing the emergence of Twitter as a media force - we didn't say social media for a reason - we developed a campaign to attract traditional media by leveraging Twitter.  Since its founding, Twitter has become an indispensable tool for some industries, including helping start civil society revolutions around the world.  And as an irresistible ... Read more

Driving Audience Relevancy

The question is always about relevancy, or it should be. But what does it mean these days? With the fragmentation of audiences across channels asking the right questions in this space is more relevant than having the right answers, because let's face it, in this business no one has the right answer. Today, audiences are as dispersed by device as they are by content. Gone are the days of audience aggregation on websites, let alone radio, print, and television. Google is supposed ... Read more

Research Alert: Facebook

By: Abraham Kasbo About 18 months ago, we issued a warning to our clients about Facebook becoming more of an ad platform than a social platform for business, a dangerous prospect for those who are building relationships and networks there. Soon our after our warning, Facebook changed its business pages policy and has been limiting business page views. The link below illustrates the issue perfectly for one such company. For those businesses who have worked hard to cultivate and grow a relevant network, ... Read more

General Mills Helps Their Competition With National Cereal Lover’s Week

The following article was written by Karlene Lukovitz and originally appeared on, but we think this is too interesting--and seemingly successful--of a marketing campaign not to post: General Mills is ramping up its innovative "Hello, Cereal Lovers" campaign, which promotes rival brands along with General Mills brands, by launching National Cereal Lovers Week Oct. 14-20. The "Hello, Cereal Lovers" campaign "salutes cereal lovers and celebrates the iconic culture and heritage of America’s love affair with the number-one breakfast food," in General Mills's description. The ... Read more
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