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Social Driving Traditional Media

Case Study: Twitter Surgery Client: Raritan Bay Medical Center Raritan Bay Medical Center wanted to position its newly established Human Motion Institute as a leader in orthopedic medicine.  Recognizing the emergence of Twitter as a media force - we didn't say social media for a reason - we developed a campaign to attract traditional media by leveraging Twitter.  Since its founding, Twitter has become an indispensable tool for some industries, including helping start civil society revolutions around the world.  And as an irresistible ... Read more

Driving Audience Relevancy

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Research Alert: Facebook

By: Abraham Kasbo About 18 months ago, we issued a warning to our clients about Facebook becoming more of an ad platform than a social platform for business, a dangerous prospect for those who are building relationships and networks there. Soon our after our warning, Facebook changed its business pages policy and has been limiting business page views. The link below illustrates the issue perfectly for one such company. For those businesses who have worked hard to cultivate and grow a relevant network, ... Read more

General Mills Helps Their Competition With National Cereal Lover’s Week

The following article was written by Karlene Lukovitz and originally appeared on, but we think this is too interesting--and seemingly successful--of a marketing campaign not to post: General Mills is ramping up its innovative "Hello, Cereal Lovers" campaign, which promotes rival brands along with General Mills brands, by launching National Cereal Lovers Week Oct. 14-20. The "Hello, Cereal Lovers" campaign "salutes cereal lovers and celebrates the iconic culture and heritage of America’s love affair with the number-one breakfast food," in General Mills's description. The ... Read more

The Irish Brand Experience: Lessons for Business

By: Abraham Kasbo If the most successful brands on the planet live at the intersection of delivering consistently exceptional experiences and authenticity (the latest in industry speak - will address later), then Ireland, yes the entire country, is indeed well within great company, and from my perspective ahead of the class.  There’s no need for brand training, public relations strategies, or messaging in Ireland because on our most recent vacation to the Emerald Isle, it appeared that the entire country, from the ... Read more

The State of Business to Business Public Relations

The good old days of writing and distributing press releases to industry groups are gone. They are so far gone that it's too late to even kiss them good bye.  With the advent of the digital landscape, traditional public relations has morphed swiftly with customers moving at the speed of technology, while businesses have largely been trying to figure out the new normal in media. The social media bandwagon continues to confound companies with no bold evidence of replicable campaigns and ... Read more

Marketing Ireland: Attracting Foreign Direct Investment

By: Abraham Kasbo People flock to the Emerald Isle for its lush landscapes, deep history, and rich heritage. As one of the world’s leading tourist destinations, Ireland is a fierce competitor in the global tourism arena. No small task considering the neighborhood.  While tourism is essential to Ireland’s economy and its four million citizens, the island nation is also recognized as a player in attracting foreign direct investment.  From Microsoft and Facebook, to Hubspot, Log Me In, and Lilly, companies have been ... Read more

Healthcare Device Makers and Distributors & The Comeback of the American Consumer

Several weeks ago I posted about the comeback of the American consumer and its impact on the financial services market. Since then, I’ve engaged in the same discussion with healthcare device makers and distributors who are also wondering how a stronger consumer will impact their business. The obvious reality is that every sector in the United States ought to be positioning itself in light of strong consumer sentiment and data.  Let me quickly set the table by restating a few key points ... Read more

Financial Services: At The Crossroads of The JOBS Act & The American Consumer Comeback

At the time of the writing of this post, the stock market is near an all time high and the business media seems to be whistling a happy tune about the comeback of the American Consumer. Earlier this year, according to Macys’, Target and the Gap reported sales that topped sales estimates in January, 2013. This past February, the Thomson Reuters/University of Michigan preliminary index of consumer sentiment climbed to 76.3 from 73.8 in January. Ernst & Young cited stronger global ... Read more

7 Marketing & PR Predictions To Affect Dental Manufacturers & Distributors in 2013

For distributors and manufacturers, the dental market is now moving faster than ever before and with a greater emphasis on efficiency and market penetration. It’s perhaps the understatement of the decade to say that companies are now trying to position themselves in this seemingly hyper competitive space in order to better gain market share in an industry that’s forecasted to deliver about $70 billion in sales in 2013. However, the unfathomable speed that is moving technology and media is creating a dangerous ... Read more

AhHa! Insights Publishes “Mobile Health Applications: 2012 Study”

MONTCLAIR, N.J. -- A new nationwide study conducted by AhHa! Insights, the research division of Verasoni Worldwide, examined the top 150 downloaded mobile health applications (mHealth) among iPhone and Android users through March 31, 2012.  With more than 46 percent of the American population now owning smartphones, more and more people are turning to mHealth to help manage, monitor and improve their health. Mobile healthcare applications make up an increasing share of the apps available in the Android and iOS app ... Read more

Mobile Health Applications: 2012 Study

I am pleased to present the Verasoni Worldwide’s AhHa! Insights Mobile Health Applications: 2012 Study.  The study is a snapshot of what people are doing with healthcare related mobile applications, what platforms they are using and it also examines the popularity of healthcare application downloads by categories and specific applications themselves. There is no shortage to the aspirations of the Mobile Health Applications market (mHealth) in the United States and around the world. Healthcare players from life sciences companies, pharmaceuticals, hospitals, insurers ... Read more
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