Our Team

Abe Kasbo, CEO

Abe Kasbo is Founder and CEO of Verasoni Worldwide, a marketing and public relations firm with offices in Montclair, NJ and Austin, Texas. The firm delivers integrated marketing, public relations, advertising, and digital strategies across channels to clients in the US, Europe, The Middle East, and Southeast Asia. Verasoni Worldwide’s clients include Georgia-Pacific, Colgate, Henry Schein, AECOM, NeoGraft, Nobel Biocare, Montauk Financial, Raritan Bay Medical Center, Hurley Medical Center, and Integrated Healing Technologies. Abe serves as an advisor to CEOs and C-Suite executives on communications, branding, and public relations strategies. He is a sought-after speaker nationally and internationally… read more

James Blake, Director, Key Accounts

James leads Verasoni Worldwide’s team, which develops and executes integrated marketing & public relations strategies for clients across communications channels. James also ensures Verasoni Worldwide’s leadership in the digital space and provides clients with an integrated approach to digital strategies, including web development, social media, mobile apps, web reputation management, and performance data and metrics.

Kevin Meder, Chief Developer

Kevin and his team develop and maintains digital properties and works with clients across the digital spectrum to ensure digital integration. Kevin works closely with our creative team to ensure that our client’s creative vision comes alive on all digital platforms. Kevin is a vital member of Verasoni Ventures’ team, which incubates companies, and advises and provides support to venture backed enterprises.

Elmer Gutierrez, Creative

Elmer Gutierrez is the force behind Verasoni Worldwide’s creative team. He paints on many canvases, from traditional to digital, with the goal of creating memorable campaigns. Elmer is a key member of our strategy team to ensure every campaign comes alive with its own unique vision that helps our clients achieve their business goals. From branding campaigns to website development and visual communications, Elmer, as kids these days say, “crushes it.”

Nick Juzdan, Producer

In basketball terms, Nick plays point-forward! As a producer, Nick ensures our campaigns are conceived and implemented flawlessly across media channels. From social, video, to TV spots, Nick’s mellow yet laser focused approach is underscored only by his dedication to making sure our clients’ messages are flawlessly developed, and their brand is receiving the care it deserves.

Joyce Jensen, CFO

Joyce ensures Verasoni Worldwide’s financial health and cultivates and maintains strong relationships with both vendors, clients and partners. As a key member of our team, she is a key advisor to our CEO and team to ensure projects and campaigns are delivered on time and on budget.