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The cavemen and the duck, and the duck with Yogi Berra are as synonomus as Nike’s tagline or swoosh. How do insurers produce some of the best commercial? I mean we’re talking about boring ol’ insurance here.  GEICO & AFLAC.  These guys not only managed to make marketing and selling insurance fun, but they got it so far into the culture that GEICO’s cavemen actually, though ill-fated, made to their own prime-time network TV show.  Both of these companies’ regular everyday television commercials pass for other companies’ Superbowl ads.  The main thing that these wildly successful campaigns have achieved, from my point of view, is engagement. They’re fun, memorable, and simple.

Other insurers are now trying their hands at engagement, through different means. Take for example Liberty Mutual’s Responsibility Project. This web based film and blog is also a forum that invites people to view and submit their own stories about people doing things for strangers.  The web portion was started because Liberty Mutual received such an overwhelming response to its TV commercials. And now it’s using a website to come full circle and engage these folks…and how do they drive the website? Advertising.  Liberty Mutual allocates a portion of its advertising to promoting this site.   So what can we learn from these guys?Engage the market – Engaging the market through humor, genuine emotion, sports, or even appealing to humanity’s finer attributes.  It’s finding the sweet spot in your message and executing campaign with the right media mix.Enjoy this “caveman” commercial.