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The Auto Industry’s Communications Follies…

I was on fakeation (that's a working vacation for the uninitiated), when my eyes turned to the television to catch Ford's new advertising campaign.  The new ads feature Ford's new tagline, "Drive the Ford Difference."  But that's not all, "Different is good," they say.  Now with all the hurdles that Ford has to overcome, Ford is selling us "Driving the Ford Difference."  I don't know what that means, but I'm a good sport, I'll play.  OK Ford, what is driving Ford ... Read more

Of Viral & Word of Mouth Marketing…The Consumer Is Loud & Clear

By Abe Kasbo A couple of days ago a report issued by Delloite's Consumer Products group said that consumer online reviews strongly influence purchase decisions. Online consumer reviews are the "pimp my ride" version of "this is not your father's Oldsmobile," the highly effective, ever selective, never underestimated power of word of mouth. So this report confirms what we know about how brands are created and built. By the consumer, and the internet is the ultimate word of mouth play, because it roars. ... Read more

Market to Market, Not to Media

By: Abe Kasbo Often marketers tend to think about media as an end-goal for campaigns when then ought to be thinking about the market. I often hear, "we've gotta be on TV," or "we've got to get on Youtube," or "our competitors are running are on the radio." My typical response is almost always, "so what?" With so many trumpeting the demise of traditional media and touting the new social / Internet marketing Holy Grail, the numbers are telling. While there is a ... Read more