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The Irish Brand Experience: Lessons for Business

By: Abraham Kasbo If the most successful brands on the planet live at the intersection of delivering consistently exceptional experiences and authenticity (the latest in industry speak - will address later), then Ireland, yes the entire country, is indeed well within great company, and from my perspective ahead of the class.  There’s no need for brand training, public relations strategies, or messaging in Ireland because on our most recent vacation to the Emerald Isle, it appeared that the entire country, from the ... Read more

Financial Services: At The Crossroads of The JOBS Act & The American Consumer Comeback

At the time of the writing of this post, the stock market is near an all time high and the business media seems to be whistling a happy tune about the comeback of the American Consumer. Earlier this year, according to Macys’, Target and the Gap reported sales that topped sales estimates in January, 2013. This past February, the Thomson Reuters/University of Michigan preliminary index of consumer sentiment climbed to 76.3 from 73.8 in January. Ernst & Young cited stronger global ... Read more

7 Marketing & PR Predictions To Affect Dental Manufacturers & Distributors in 2013

For distributors and manufacturers, the dental market is now moving faster than ever before and with a greater emphasis on efficiency and market penetration. It’s perhaps the understatement of the decade to say that companies are now trying to position themselves in this seemingly hyper competitive space in order to better gain market share in an industry that’s forecasted to deliver about $70 billion in sales in 2013. However, the unfathomable speed that is moving technology and media is creating a dangerous ... Read more

The Big, Bad & The Wiki

Did you know that The New York Times is in the wine business? The Washington Post got into what was perceived to be the power broker business? Until of course someone shed some light on that "business" line. And CNBC is all about not upsetting business by making sure that their programming and prodigious prognosticators move markets ever upward either through sheer will, if not fast talk. Market is up, everyone is happier than a bee on caffeine. Yeah, in a ... Read more

Online Targeting is Less Efficient Study Says

As technology continues to grow and the internet becomes a more common platform for business (believe it or not, many businesses still haven't harnessed the internet), the amount of money spent on online ads has become, as you can imagine, fairly substantial. Although online advertising can be a more efficient way to target certain demographics than traditional media outlets, this does not always lead to greater results. According to a new study from MIT Sloan School of Management, the same search, ... Read more

Interview with Andi Simon, PhD for Real Business Now

Read more

4 Strategies to Integrate Social Media into Global Marketing Plans

1. Engage - People who join your group or fan page want something. Find out what it is and give it to them. Give them coupons, suggestion, offers, new, meetings, rallies, contests...what ever it is, you must keep your network engage or else you risk loosing it...or worse, having a stale network. 2. Aggregate - Social networks allow you to bring people together around your issues, products and services. Once you build your relevant network, you can engage by polling, conducting market ... Read more

Social Networking, Marketing, & PR. Brief Interview with FIOS1

Here's a brief interview with FIOS1 about social networking. Read more

The Auto Industry’s Communications Follies…

I was on fakeation (that's a working vacation for the uninitiated), when my eyes turned to the television to catch Ford's new advertising campaign.  The new ads feature Ford's new tagline, "Drive the Ford Difference."  But that's not all, "Different is good," they say.  Now with all the hurdles that Ford has to overcome, Ford is selling us "Driving the Ford Difference."  I don't know what that means, but I'm a good sport, I'll play.  OK Ford, what is driving Ford ... Read more

On the Usefulness of Twitter, and Other Thoughts

The proliferation of social networking sites is advancing at an impossible pace. For businesses, these sites offer the Holy Grail, the opportunity for engagement of their customers. This particular race is reminiscent of the race for eyeballs in the early days of the consumer Internet between Yahoo, Excite, iWon, Alta Vista, DogPile (yeah, remember those guys) and the countless search engines, turned portals.  Then Google appeared and poof, most of those guys are gone or relegated to the Internet's C-list - ... Read more

The Social Networking Trap

The rush to social networking is an interesting phenomenon. We watch with amazement as people flock to facebook, twitter et. al. and the offline social pressure that ensues to get on these sites. The business implications are plenty, from the demise of newspapers, to the rise of social networking, how does capitalize on these sizemic shift in the tectonic plates of media?  Here are some ideas to ponder: 1. Social networking online is like social networking offline. I can't tell you how ... Read more

You Are Not Entitled To Your Clients…and other random thoughts.

I had an opportunity to speak about marketing practices in front 50 or so dentists and in the course of discussion we began talking about incentivizing the market place to generate interest in their services.  "But wait a minute, why if I put out an offer, my existing clients will use it and it'll cost me," one of them said.  That echoed, verbatim, another client's sentiment's - this who's in the hospitality space, said to me as we discussed his marketing ... Read more
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