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AhHa! Insights Publishes “Mobile Health Applications: 2012 Study”

MONTCLAIR, N.J. -- A new nationwide study conducted by AhHa! Insights, the research division of Verasoni Worldwide, examined the top 150 downloaded mobile health applications (mHealth) among iPhone and Android users through March 31, 2012.  With more than 46 percent of the American population now owning smartphones, more and more people are turning to mHealth to help manage, monitor and improve their health. Mobile healthcare applications make up an increasing share of the apps available in the Android and iOS app ... Read more

Lessons From Sweden: Abe Kasbo

By Abe Kasbo:Last week, I had the pleasure of attending the Swedish-American Life Sciences Summit. I participated on a panel where I discussed innovations in communications relative to healthcare and met some extraordinary people working extraordinary things in the life sciences arena.  I met several companies who were either forging new markets or new technologies and watched carefully, as attendees and speakers alike eyed China with hope for new markets and as a source for investment.  While everyone was talking innovation, ... Read more

Hospitals Missing Opportunities On Facebook: Insights on Social Media for Hospitals

NEW YORK, Feb. 28, 2011 -  A new nationwide study by Verasoni AhHa! and Simon Associates Management Consultants of how hospitals across the United States use Facebook suggests that hospitals are not using Facebook to its capacity to engage patients, build healthcare communities or develop their hospital brands. Only a few hospitals across the United States are utilizing social media to connect with patients, improve the health status of the community and extend their brand, and these hospitals are doing it very ... Read more

Social Networking & Growing Pains

I find myself broaching this important subject again. Where ever I speak, during client presentations, in the coffee shop, online forums, list-serves, etc., the hype about social networking continues.  Sure, in many important ways, social networking lives up to the hype, given the sheer numbers (people participating and their activity of course). Sadly, living the hype is not like hyping the hype, living the hype is less glamorous, I can assure you. Here's Why. It makes all the sense in the world ... Read more

Verasoni / Cambridge MedCom Launches

Aug 01, 2009 – Bergenfield, NJ – Dr. Nicholas Bochi, a leading dentist in Bergenfield, New Jersey announced today the launching of the practice’s new website,, as a key part of a new patient outreach and branding strategy for the Bergen County dentist. Dr. Bochi is one of a few dentists in the United States to have earned the highest degrees and multiple designations in the field. The Bergen Center for Advanced Dentistry continues its commitment to delivering first class ... Read more

The Marketing World Has Changed, Has Your Business Adapted?

By Abe Kasbo Well this post has been a long time coming.  While the internet has sent the marketing communications world in one direction, it seems businesses are still looking around, wondering what to make of it and how to leverage it?  I'm not talking Coke, Sony, Pfizer, McDonald's, AFLAC, or Fidelity.  I'm talking about businesses whose revenues may range from $5 million to let's say a couple of billion in annual revenues, from banks, financial advisors, to small publishing houses, retail, ... Read more