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River View Observer Features Cambridge MedCom

The article below was featured in The River View Observer on September 10, 2009. You can view it by clicking here or reading it below. New Jersey Company Doing Their Part to Help Bring  Down Health Care Costs… CAMBRIDGE MEDCOM ANNOUNCES EFFICIENT REMEDY FOR HEALTHCARE MARKETING New Plan by Cambridge MedCom Will Save Marketing Costs and Create Effective Strategies for Medical, Dental Practices, Hospitals Healthcare Marketing Communications firm Cambridge MedCom has the prescription for healthcare providers looking to cut marketing costs and improve the bottom ... Read more

Raritan Bay Medical Center Partners With Verasoni Worldwide On Web Marketing Initiatives

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Perth Amboy, New Jersey. March 23, 2009. Raritan Bay Medical Center announced today a partnership with Verasoni Worldwide to expand its reach and brand on the web. Raritan Bay Medical Center is in the process of redesigning and reprogramming its website found at “We’re excited about working with Verasoni Worldwide on this initiative. We selected the firm because of their significant experience in healthcare, and their market leadership on the web,” said Lynette King Davis, Assistant VP, Marketing ... Read more

Speak Directly & Your Message Will Carry A Big Stick

By Abe Kasbo There are certain tendencies in almost every industry to communicate to the market in sector specific lingo, and actually believe it will deliver results. This lingo usually leaks into advertising, marketing communications, and worse, the language between the business and its customers. This isn't good for both the business and its clients. Let me explain by giving you an example from health care. (Not singling out health care here for any reason, and this practice is pervasive in many ... Read more

For Smarter, More Effective Marketing, Think Inside the Box

by Abe Kasbo [This article was published in Strategic Healthcare Marketing's May, 07 issue] Yes, I am encouraging hospital CEOs and chief marketing officers to think inside the box to build successful marketing campaigns that positively contribute to their organization's bottom line. Successful corporations tap this kind of thinking every day. Anyone whose kept a keen eye on recent advertising and marketing trends fully recognizes that the increasingly potent cocktail of media fragmentation, greater advertising clutter, Internet influences, and subsequent consumer control over media ... Read more