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Healthcare Device Makers and Distributors & The Comeback of the American Consumer

Several weeks ago I posted about the comeback of the American consumer and its impact on the financial services market. Since then, I’ve engaged in the same discussion with healthcare device makers and distributors who are also wondering how a stronger consumer will impact their business. The obvious reality is that every sector in the United States ought to be positioning itself in light of strong consumer sentiment and data.  Let me quickly set the table by restating a few key points ... Read more

Social Over Exposure: The Lines Are Drawn

Social Media Marketing Companies? Social Media Lines Are Being Drawn! By: Abe Kasbo Facebook stock began trading on May 18th. Not a Googlesque performance by any measure, the stock sputtered and continues to do so as of today. Yeah, it's early, but Facebook's stock seems to be exuberantly valued and trading at a premium, even today.  We have not learned much. The gold rush in social media, head-fakes and hesitation dribbles are by no means over. It seems that enthusiastic lines in the sand are being drawn between social ... Read more

Verasoni Worldwide’s Abe Kasbo @ #140conf Montreal

Montreal, Canada. May 15, 2012. Verasoni Worldwide CEO, Abe Kasbo spoke at The #140conf, Montreal today where he discussed  "Social Health. Improving Health at the Speed of Technology." Mr. Kasbo spoke about opportunities for healthcare providers to reach patients and the community, specifically citing the highly successful Twitter surgery at Raritan Bay Medical Center that generated press and awareness for the hospital's orthopedic surgery program. He also cited Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution as a catalyst for the online campaign that brought pink ... Read more

Why Whole Foods Gets it

Check out this piece my Thom Forbes that came across my email this morning.  Affinity or lifestyle marketing comes to your friendly neighborhood grocery...about time!  I have been advocating integration of this type for years, in fact in our work with hospitals we have encouraged them to consider opening restaurants that offer healthy fare. It's a natural, it's not enough to tell people about the benefits of healthy living, it's critical to show them.Can't help but think that perhaps one hospital ... Read more

Global Linguist Solutions

Issue: Global Linguist Solutions (GLS) in Falls Church, Virgina is a provider of linguistic services to the United States Government.  GLS needed a marketing firm who understands both the Middle East and The Arab-American Community because of its focus on Arabic language speakers. Idea: Verasoni's creative team developed culturally appropriate visual and written messaging, identified media outlets in the United States and around the world to distribute GLS' brand.  Verasoni Worldwide carefully crafted language in English and Arabic to ensure that GLS ... Read more

What Google Can’t Do…

It's an understatement to say Google has taken over the Internet, it may be even more parochial to speak about how Google has taken over our lives. From search, maps, video (Youtube), email, cell phones, and publishing, Google has built a vast business empire faster, and perhaps far more reaching, than any business in history. Heck, GE is now partnering with Google on environmental initiatives. This is GE, the king of all things industrial, partnering with a search engine on environmental ... Read more

Interview With The Record

Below is my interview with Joan Verdon of The Record. PR firm places its chips on the Web Wednesday, August 6, 2008 BY JOAN VERDONSTAFF WRITER Abe Kasbo doesn't worry about having a modest workplace. In 2008, he says, businesses should be a lot more worried about the impression they create in cyberspace than in their workplace. Kasbo, 38, runs Verasoni Worldwide, a marketing strategy and public relations firm, out of a small second-floor walkup office on Main Street in Little Falls. His company has seen big ... Read more

The Marketing World Has Changed, Has Your Business Adapted?

By Abe Kasbo Well this post has been a long time coming.  While the internet has sent the marketing communications world in one direction, it seems businesses are still looking around, wondering what to make of it and how to leverage it?  I'm not talking Coke, Sony, Pfizer, McDonald's, AFLAC, or Fidelity.  I'm talking about businesses whose revenues may range from $5 million to let's say a couple of billion in annual revenues, from banks, financial advisors, to small publishing houses, retail, ... Read more

Web Analytics Refresher…How Good Is Your Site?

Just a refresher of the Peterson Model of online audience engagement. Your site's usability is the foremost issue, so usability (and a couple of other simple elements) is the road to a transforming your site into an experience...Check out what by Kevin Mannion had to say about usability in his column on Thursday, July 24, 2008 in Online Publishing Insider:1. Click Depth: Do users know your wonderful content is there in the first place? Do they know how to easily find it?2. Loyalty: Does ... Read more

Interview With Jim Barrood

Today, I am starting a new series of interviews with some of the leading business minds in the nation. Today's interview is with Jim Barrood, Executive Director of Fairleigh Dickenson University's Rothman Institute of Entrepreneurial Studies. AK - Jim, you've interviewed some of the world's most successful CEOs and entrepreneurs, can you identify for us 3 common elements that these folks share? JB - Determination and passion to follow through, whether in a new venture, difficult economic periods, merger, it’s about execution. 2. ... Read more

Good Reputation Management Means Good Business

By Abe Kasbo So Wal-Mart is changing it's logo I hear. So what? It's part of a huge reputation repair job. According to Marketing Daily, Wal-Mart's first revamp of the logo since 1992 comes as the retailer continues to tweak its image after facing criticism from union-led groups and local communities across the nation opposed to big-box store developments. In the time since, Wal-Mart has launched a marketing campaign highlighting its environmentally focused practices and efforts to make health care more affordable for ... Read more

Branding Is BS…Yup, You Heard Me….Part II

By Abe Kasbo So I've received many reactions to my previous post branding is bullshit...they range from skepticism to outright hostility...either way I stand by my position. Look branding is a powerful thing and we all know it. However, small businesses have looked at branding through the lens filter of Coca Cola, McDonald's, IBM, and others who have not only been in the market forever, but have the necessary resources to spend on advertising, conferences, public relations, and other marketing communications avenues ... Read more
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