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AhHa! Insights Publishes “Mobile Health Applications: 2012 Study”

MONTCLAIR, N.J. -- A new nationwide study conducted by AhHa! Insights, the research division of Verasoni Worldwide, examined the top 150 downloaded mobile health applications (mHealth) among iPhone and Android users through March 31, 2012.  With more than 46 percent of the American population now owning smartphones, more and more people are turning to mHealth to help manage, monitor and improve their health. Mobile healthcare applications make up an increasing share of the apps available in the Android and iOS app ... Read more

The Big, Bad & The Wiki

Did you know that The New York Times is in the wine business? The Washington Post got into what was perceived to be the power broker business? Until of course someone shed some light on that "business" line. And CNBC is all about not upsetting business by making sure that their programming and prodigious prognosticators move markets ever upward either through sheer will, if not fast talk. Market is up, everyone is happier than a bee on caffeine. Yeah, in a ... Read more

On Facebook’s Attack on Google’s Social Circle: PR and Marketing Firms In Play

Really what’s the big deal?  So Facebook hired a PR firm to smear Google, and it got caught. So what?  PR firms everywhere are scrambling to make sense of this, Inside Facebook, a well know blog, called it “a spectacularly failed attempt at undermining the competition.” So Facebook is scared that Google will be able to beat them at their own game and it wanted to defame Google’s Social Circle.  So Google’s overtures into Facebook’s world was perceived as a real threat ... Read more

In The Media: Marketing And PR Firm CEO Abe Kasbo Quoted in The Record

Please click here to read the article by Hugh Morley in The Record about working seniors as a desired demographic. Abe Kasbo, Marketing and PR firm CEO is quoted in the article. Read more

Good Reputation Management Means Good Business

By Abe Kasbo So Wal-Mart is changing it's logo I hear. So what? It's part of a huge reputation repair job. According to Marketing Daily, Wal-Mart's first revamp of the logo since 1992 comes as the retailer continues to tweak its image after facing criticism from union-led groups and local communities across the nation opposed to big-box store developments. In the time since, Wal-Mart has launched a marketing campaign highlighting its environmentally focused practices and efforts to make health care more affordable for ... Read more