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4 Marketing Ideas Dental Market CMOs Can Implement Now

By: Abe Kasbo There’s an old English expression:“May you live in interesting times.” Well, perhaps there’s never been a more interesting time for Dental Market CMOs and CEOs than right now. When thinking about how to efficiently and effectively advance his or her business goals, the CMO has more than enough to consider, including industry dynamics, downward budget pressures, the shift toward corporate and group practice models, as well as the rise of the grey market and social and digital enterprise. We ... Read more

Social Over Exposure: The Lines Are Drawn

Social Media Marketing Companies? Social Media Lines Are Being Drawn! By: Abe Kasbo Facebook stock began trading on May 18th. Not a Googlesque performance by any measure, the stock sputtered and continues to do so as of today. Yeah, it's early, but Facebook's stock seems to be exuberantly valued and trading at a premium, even today.  We have not learned much. The gold rush in social media, head-fakes and hesitation dribbles are by no means over. It seems that enthusiastic lines in the sand are being drawn between social ... Read more

Verasoni Worldwide’s Abe Kasbo @ #140conf Montreal

Montreal, Canada. May 15, 2012. Verasoni Worldwide CEO, Abe Kasbo spoke at The #140conf, Montreal today where he discussed  "Social Health. Improving Health at the Speed of Technology." Mr. Kasbo spoke about opportunities for healthcare providers to reach patients and the community, specifically citing the highly successful Twitter surgery at Raritan Bay Medical Center that generated press and awareness for the hospital's orthopedic surgery program. He also cited Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution as a catalyst for the online campaign that brought pink ... Read more

Why Whole Foods Gets it

Check out this piece my Thom Forbes that came across my email this morning.  Affinity or lifestyle marketing comes to your friendly neighborhood grocery...about time!  I have been advocating integration of this type for years, in fact in our work with hospitals we have encouraged them to consider opening restaurants that offer healthy fare. It's a natural, it's not enough to tell people about the benefits of healthy living, it's critical to show them.Can't help but think that perhaps one hospital ... Read more

Global Linguist Solutions

Issue: Global Linguist Solutions (GLS) in Falls Church, Virgina is a provider of linguistic services to the United States Government.  GLS needed a marketing firm who understands both the Middle East and The Arab-American Community because of its focus on Arabic language speakers. Idea: Verasoni's creative team developed culturally appropriate visual and written messaging, identified media outlets in the United States and around the world to distribute GLS' brand.  Verasoni Worldwide carefully crafted language in English and Arabic to ensure that GLS ... Read more

On Facebook’s Attack on Google’s Social Circle: PR and Marketing Firms In Play

Really what’s the big deal?  So Facebook hired a PR firm to smear Google, and it got caught. So what?  PR firms everywhere are scrambling to make sense of this, Inside Facebook, a well know blog, called it “a spectacularly failed attempt at undermining the competition.” So Facebook is scared that Google will be able to beat them at their own game and it wanted to defame Google’s Social Circle.  So Google’s overtures into Facebook’s world was perceived as a real threat ... Read more

In The Media: Marketing And PR Firm CEO Abe Kasbo Quoted in The Record

Please click here to read the article by Hugh Morley in The Record about working seniors as a desired demographic. Abe Kasbo, Marketing and PR firm CEO is quoted in the article. Read more

Hospital Facebook Research Is Most Read: Social Media For Hospitals

For the week of March 7, 2011, Verasoni's Ahha Insights research on how hospitals use Facebook to market their brand and expand their mission was most read on  Many thanks to the readers and your feedback in discussing social media for hospitals. Read more

Hospitals Missing Opportunities On Facebook: Insights on Social Media for Hospitals

NEW YORK, Feb. 28, 2011 -  A new nationwide study by Verasoni AhHa! and Simon Associates Management Consultants of how hospitals across the United States use Facebook suggests that hospitals are not using Facebook to its capacity to engage patients, build healthcare communities or develop their hospital brands. Only a few hospitals across the United States are utilizing social media to connect with patients, improve the health status of the community and extend their brand, and these hospitals are doing it very ... Read more