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The Big, Bad & The Wiki

Did you know that The New York Times is in the wine business? The Washington Post got into what was perceived to be the power broker business? Until of course someone shed some light on that "business" line. And CNBC is all about not upsetting business by making sure that their programming and prodigious prognosticators move markets ever upward either through sheer will, if not fast talk. Market is up, everyone is happier than a bee on caffeine. Yeah, in a ... Read more

Social Media, Mass Media, Farewell 09!

By Abe Kasbo and Kim Reydel Social media was a huge buzz word in 2009 and the hype will undoubtedly spill over into 2010.  Without a question, social media is now the new mass media (television still dominates...for now), and while businesses are still scrambling to figure out how to maximize their investment, social media delivered the following important points to the market: 1. Aggregation 2. Segmentation 3. Revelancy As companies continue to embrace social media to grow their businesses, expand their brand footprint, and utilize ... Read more

Market Like a Champ Investor

I started my career working for legendary stock picker and investor Mario Gabelli. In my brief stint at Gabelli’s Rye, N.Y.-based firm, I learned much that has stuck with me to this day, including the basics of value investing. Value investing is about kicking the tires, doing your research from the ground up, and carefully evaluating a company and its stock based on its intrinsic value… before you pony up one dime for shares. Value investing also looks at businesses ... Read more

Interview: Laura Occhipinti, CEO, New Jersey Young Professionals

I am pleased to bring you an interview with Laura Occhipinti, entrepreneur and CEO of New Jersey Young Professionals. With over 800 members and growing, New Jersey Young Professionals takes social networking to a different level, allowing members to meet and connect both on and offline... AK: So Laura, tell me about New Jersey Young Professionals? LO: I tell people that NJYP is a social networking group but in real words it is for helping people to make friends.  I basically bring people ... Read more

The Business Media & Social Networking

A couple of weeks ago, I read an article about social networking in a leading New Jersey business magazine. The story quoted several New Jersey based marketing firm execs who weighed in on social networking. The article found a consensus among these folks who opined correctly that social networking is still in its infancy, but wondered about the direct relationship between social networking and the bottom line. The article went on to say the following [editor's note - I have removed ... Read more

Content Distribution – The 800 LB Gorilla in The Room…

The internet as a medium is old news. Yes, it's the most revolutionary medium in the history of man, but it's old news. The good news is that we continue to discover how to use the internet to connect with consumers, build businesses, expand brands, and engage markets.  The 800 lb gorilla is content distribution strategy, which is how business get as much relevant exposure as possible across markets and demographics on the net. And why is that important? Well, think ... Read more

Interview With Jim Barrood

Today, I am starting a new series of interviews with some of the leading business minds in the nation. Today's interview is with Jim Barrood, Executive Director of Fairleigh Dickenson University's Rothman Institute of Entrepreneurial Studies. AK - Jim, you've interviewed some of the world's most successful CEOs and entrepreneurs, can you identify for us 3 common elements that these folks share? JB - Determination and passion to follow through, whether in a new venture, difficult economic periods, merger, it’s about execution. 2. ... Read more

Branding Is BS…Yup, You Heard Me….Part II

By Abe Kasbo So I've received many reactions to my previous post branding is bullshit...they range from skepticism to outright hostility...either way I stand by my position. Look branding is a powerful thing and we all know it. However, small businesses have looked at branding through the lens filter of Coca Cola, McDonald's, IBM, and others who have not only been in the market forever, but have the necessary resources to spend on advertising, conferences, public relations, and other marketing communications avenues ... Read more