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The Auto Industry’s Communications Follies…

I was on fakeation (that's a working vacation for the uninitiated), when my eyes turned to the television to catch Ford's new advertising campaign.  The new ads feature Ford's new tagline, "Drive the Ford Difference."  But that's not all, "Different is good," they say.  Now with all the hurdles that Ford has to overcome, Ford is selling us "Driving the Ford Difference."  I don't know what that means, but I'm a good sport, I'll play.  OK Ford, what is driving Ford ... Read more

Druggies, Lipitor, and Their Agents

Abe Kasbo He is the Michael Jordan of the chest cavity...and a peddler of Pfizer's cholesterol drug, Lipitor. For the past 2 years, this non-practicing MD, Dr. Robert Jarvik, has lent his name and his fame to Pfizer and now Congress wants some answers. So what? For starters, this ad campaign is the equivalent of Gatorade's "Be Like Mike" Campaign. "Be Like Mike Jarvik" that is...take Lipitor, you can run, row, hang out with your son...and if Dr. Jarvik, a heart expert, is ... Read more

Advertising May Bring ‘Em In, But Customer Care Keeps ‘Em

By Abe Kasbo This is the tale of 2 stores, or so it seems. The first has a first class integrated advertising campaign, both visually stunning and memorable campaigns across all media. The other isn't quite that prolific with their advertising, it's a bit more expensive and we get some direct mail from the place every once in a while. So when my wife and I needed some items last weekend, we decided to go to the former rather than the latter ... Read more

NBC Refunds Advertisers, Cats Shacking Up With Dogs.

By Abe Kasbo What gives? While some outlets routinely provide make good for failing to reach guaranteed audience levels, The Tiffany Network is dolling out cash to the tune of $500,000 for each advertiser. This unprecedented move seems puzzling yet impressive. While I'm still trying to make sense of this move, it makes me think about what newspapers have to say. Afterall, newspaper circulation is down significantly across the board. So why do their rates keep climbing? It's time for newspapers to adjust their ... Read more

Media Synergy Is Important – Part I.

By Abe Kasbo: We often advise our clients to strategically "own" media. In other words, develop a media plan within the overall marketing plan that allows enough frequency of your message in particular media to reach your audience. It's also important to identify goals for each medium, for example: "call to action" in the papers, brand awareness for television, and brand interactivity for the web, etc. Marketing and advertising media integration is the corner stone of media synergy. Media synergy allows your message ... Read more