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Announcing a New Radio Show

Now you can listen to us on our new web radio show "Hey Marketing Genius!" You can listen by clicking here Today's show discusses branding. Our guest is Erik Kent, President of Read more

Interview with Andi Simon, PhD for Real Business Now

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4 Years of Facebook, 5 Important Lessons

So it's been about fouryears since facebook redefined networking (MySpace fans, I do recognize that your site came first, but I'm on a roll here) and since, the world has come to see things just a bit differently. So here are some thoughts on what we have and have not learned about the new world. 1. Rush to fools gold - believe it or not, people still believe that you can get rich through social networking. This is Fools Gold 2.0. Yup, ... Read more

4 Strategies to Integrate Social Media into Global Marketing Plans

1. Engage - People who join your group or fan page want something. Find out what it is and give it to them. Give them coupons, suggestion, offers, new, meetings, rallies, contests...what ever it is, you must keep your network engage or else you risk loosing it...or worse, having a stale network. 2. Aggregate - Social networks allow you to bring people together around your issues, products and services. Once you build your relevant network, you can engage by polling, conducting market ... Read more

Market Like a Champ Investor

I started my career working for legendary stock picker and investor Mario Gabelli. In my brief stint at Gabelli’s Rye, N.Y.-based firm, I learned much that has stuck with me to this day, including the basics of value investing. Value investing is about kicking the tires, doing your research from the ground up, and carefully evaluating a company and its stock based on its intrinsic value… before you pony up one dime for shares. Value investing also looks at businesses ... Read more

The Auto Industry’s Communications Follies…

I was on fakeation (that's a working vacation for the uninitiated), when my eyes turned to the television to catch Ford's new advertising campaign.  The new ads feature Ford's new tagline, "Drive the Ford Difference."  But that's not all, "Different is good," they say.  Now with all the hurdles that Ford has to overcome, Ford is selling us "Driving the Ford Difference."  I don't know what that means, but I'm a good sport, I'll play.  OK Ford, what is driving Ford ... Read more

The Business Media & Social Networking

A couple of weeks ago, I read an article about social networking in a leading New Jersey business magazine. The story quoted several New Jersey based marketing firm execs who weighed in on social networking. The article found a consensus among these folks who opined correctly that social networking is still in its infancy, but wondered about the direct relationship between social networking and the bottom line. The article went on to say the following [editor's note - I have removed ... Read more

What Google Can’t Do…

It's an understatement to say Google has taken over the Internet, it may be even more parochial to speak about how Google has taken over our lives. From search, maps, video (Youtube), email, cell phones, and publishing, Google has built a vast business empire faster, and perhaps far more reaching, than any business in history. Heck, GE is now partnering with Google on environmental initiatives. This is GE, the king of all things industrial, partnering with a search engine on environmental ... Read more

Content Distribution – The 800 LB Gorilla in The Room…

The internet as a medium is old news. Yes, it's the most revolutionary medium in the history of man, but it's old news. The good news is that we continue to discover how to use the internet to connect with consumers, build businesses, expand brands, and engage markets.  The 800 lb gorilla is content distribution strategy, which is how business get as much relevant exposure as possible across markets and demographics on the net. And why is that important? Well, think ... Read more

Beware of The Fool’s Gold Rush To Social Networking

Social networking is a powerful tool. It's even more powerful when it's being promoted as a cure for all things ill in marketing. Sure, facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg is a cause celeb in the media - recent Oprah appearance and the cover of FORTUNE. And why not? With 175 million registered users, who are actively engaged in the medium, the 24-year Zuckerberg seems to be on to say the least.  And with 175 million users, marketers are in a gold ... Read more

Interview With The Record

Below is my interview with Joan Verdon of The Record. PR firm places its chips on the Web Wednesday, August 6, 2008 BY JOAN VERDONSTAFF WRITER Abe Kasbo doesn't worry about having a modest workplace. In 2008, he says, businesses should be a lot more worried about the impression they create in cyberspace than in their workplace. Kasbo, 38, runs Verasoni Worldwide, a marketing strategy and public relations firm, out of a small second-floor walkup office on Main Street in Little Falls. His company has seen big ... Read more

Web Analytics Refresher…How Good Is Your Site?

Just a refresher of the Peterson Model of online audience engagement. Your site's usability is the foremost issue, so usability (and a couple of other simple elements) is the road to a transforming your site into an experience...Check out what by Kevin Mannion had to say about usability in his column on Thursday, July 24, 2008 in Online Publishing Insider:1. Click Depth: Do users know your wonderful content is there in the first place? Do they know how to easily find it?2. Loyalty: Does ... Read more