Meet Ollie, the charismatic canine companion and an important part of our team. Ollie brings an undeniable sense of joy and positivity to our workspace, making every day an adventure in its own right. With a background in tail-wagging and belly-rubbing, Ollie has mastered the art of spreading happiness to all those around. Graduating from the renowned School of Puppy Playfulness, Ollie holds a degree in Wagonomics, with a minor in AI (Adorably Intelligent), and a specialization in Treat Acquisition.

In his free time, Ollie enjoys exploring the vast outdoors, chasing after tennis balls with unbridled enthusiasm, and engaging in rigorous tail-wagging workouts. Ollie’s biggest dream is to conquer every dog park in the north east, which speaks volumes about its adventurous spirit and determination to embrace new horizons (and smells!). A discerning devotee of cheese, Ollie prefers Manchego Artisano from Spain, Syrian Cheese from Aleppo and fresh Mozzarella from Molfetta, Italy.

Ollie’s journey with our team began as a puppy in 2020, full of curiosity and a heart full of love. Ollie has seamlessly integrated into our team, showcasing unwavering loyalty, an uncanny ability to boost team morale, and an exceptional talent for inspiring impromptu play breaks. Whether it’s fetching ideas for brainstorming sessions, providing moral support during tight deadlines, or simply brightening everyone’s day, Ollie always delivers canine charisma.

The next time you see an exuberant ball of fur darting through our office or basking in a sunbeam by the window, you’re encountering Ollie – the embodiment of positivity, playfulness, and the furry heartbeat of our team.