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#challengercollaborative is a video series that brings meaningful ideas to the business world. It’s a no-holds-bar presentation of ideas and pulls no punches in an effort to help viewers cut through the hype of marketing, digital and social worlds.

Dentourage, a Verasoni Worldwide company, was developed to focus on delivering exceptional websites for dental practices. For an affordable monthly cost, Dentourage specializes in providing high-performing dental websites paired with great and timely support.

Dentourage, because every dental practice deserves an entourage. Learn more at

Developed by Verasoni Worldwide, Biztourage is a web development solution for small businesses.  For an affordable monthly cost, Biztourage provides extraordinary websites paired with great and timely support.

Biztourage, because every small business deserves an entourage. Learn more at


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Gaming is already disrupting/adding value to many industries including #healthcare, #financial services,…
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RT @stevenovak16: And my bloopers are way less impressive than @Giannis_An34 throwing the ball at @JHarden13 head, but they were funny at t…
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